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Lisa Factora-Borchers

Photography is the art of evoking emotion through memory and image. My passion for photography lies in the simple truth that the purity of color and image has the power to convey a thousand words. Every photographer and artist is different, so you should feel comfortable with the person who will be capturing your moments. I receive a lot of questions of what I would do in certain situations and I tell each person the same thing: if you like my gallery, you'll like what I can do for you. If you're looking for things to be more conventional, feel free to work with another photographer! You should be comfortable with your photographer. My style may not fit every person out there. I love vibrant, quirky shots, natural light, and expression.

My journey to photography first began as a writer. The written word is a powerful tool to tell a story. And then I picked up a camera. Similarly to a writer, a photographer must be mindful of where to place the focus while knowing exactly when to capture it. With a photojournalistic style, I document the grains of detail to accurately and artistically freeze the mood and ambiance of the moment.

When I am not behind the lens of a camera, I am writing creative non-fiction and doing freelance work. When leisure time comes around, I can usually be found laughing with family, reading something I'll probably never finish, and planning either a trip or to save the world.

Welcome to my site!


Where are you based?
I live and work in New York City.

When is payment due?
I work on a sliding scale. Deposit is due to secure your date. The balance is due on the day of service.

Where are the portraits shot?
The best photos are taken when the subject is relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, all portraits are done in what is called "lifestyle photography." Meaning, instead of a uniformed row of posed faces, I capture the image in either your home or a location of your choice to bring out the natural character of you, your family, or relationship.

What should I wear for portraits?
Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and also make you feel comfortable. Steer clear of heavy patterns or busy prints. Simplicity goes a long way and always come out classic.


Please call to check availability and to discuss your specific needs. I believe that art and photography should be accessible to all individuals and work on a sliding scale basis.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to check availability for your event. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Factora-Borchers Photography